Helping residential and commercial customers find the right product and service at the best price is what Alpha Dynamica is all about. We have a fully staffed call center which is professionally trained to work on a wide variety of services. Since we are partnered with the nation’s top providers,  we are able to proudly serve both residential and commercial customers in the areas of Telecommunications, Security, Business Services and much more.

Universal Call Centers takes convenience to the next level by offering home service options from many of the nation’s top providers all in one place! Our friendly staff and sales agents consult customers on the best packages based off their individual needs so they order the right service at the best price the first time they call.

Business Service Saver is all about your business! Our mission is to build relationships with our customers to ensure they have the right services for their business needs. We are committed to helping businesses and enterprise customers find the best solutions at the best prices available from our portfolio of over 30 providers nationwide.

Some of the common issues re-sellers face today are lead management, order tracking, payment auditing, and reconciliation. Most solutions are usually too costly, such as custom CRMs like SalesForce. Other attempts include unreliable and un-scalable  ad-hoc solutions for managing orders. From these frustrations Salerity was born.

In the world of “Checks & Balances” Level 7 is the fulcrum where effort and results meet, making sure that every sales representative earns himself or herself the recognition he or she puts into every sale produced. We as a team consist of hard working, fun and critical thinking individuals. We pride ourselves on being a team to reach our goals.

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